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At Weaver & Stratton, we know your child will be happy at our kid's dentist in St. Johns and Orange Park, FL. If you bring your child in before their first birthday, they will get a free dental exam.

Our Kid's Dentist Philosophy

Our practice is specifically geared towards taking care of the dental health of children. The two big areas that we emphasize in this practice are the prevention of oral disease before it occurs and the elimination of the fear and pain often associated with your child visiting the dentist.

Prevention: Keeping Kid's Teeth Healthy

In the area of prevention for kids, we will stress tooth brushing instructions, diet counseling, use of fluorides, placement of sealants on the surfaces of teeth, and proper use of dental floss.

Our Kids Dentist Takes the Fear Out of Dentist Visits

We attempt to eliminate fear and pain by making your child comfortable with our office environment and staff, keeping open a two-way communication between child and dentist including explanation of procedures to the child before they occur, using local anesthetic (Novocain, etc.) so there will be no discomfort, and using Nitrous Oxide to relax the child.

The end result, which we feel we accomplish in most cases, is a child with a healthy mouth and a good attitude toward this office and toward dentistry in general. Please be assured we always want what is best for your child.

Preparing Your Child for the First Dentist Visit

Talk to your child about the visit in a positive, matter-of-fact way, much as you would a trip to the grocery store. Do not let your child know that you feel any anxiety about the appointment. Do not discuss any negative medical experiences you or anyone you know has had in the past. Remember, children, especially very young children, will read your body language. Try to stay even-keeled and not too excited or negative in your discussion.

Parents in the Treatment Room

Our practice’s philosophy has been built on 35 years of experience. During that time, our philosophy has evolved but our mission has remained the same: to provide the absolute best care for all of our patients and their families. Due to our experience and the proof of numerous studies, we are certain that most children perform better in dental scenarios as independent patients. We do understand though how important it can be for parents to accompany their children to the treatment area. For this reason, parents are welcome to accompany their children to the treatment area during their visits in our practice. If parents choose to be present in the treatment area, we suggest the following guidelines to improve the chances of a positive outcome.

  • Please allow our team to prepare your child for the visit. It is important that our team develops a caring and trusting relationship with your child to ensure the most successful and enjoyable visits.
  • Be supportive of our practice’s terminology. Our doctors and staff use pleasant, non-frightening, simple words to describe your child's dental visits and treatment so that your child feels at ease in our office.
  • Be a silent observer to allow us to maintain communication with your child. Children will normally listen to their parents instead of our team and subsequently may not hear our guidance or may become confused at what they may perceive as contradictory guidance.
  • If asked to step away, please be prepared to do so. Some children may try to control the situation out of fear or anxiety, but by stepping away, parents can “short circuit” this attempt at control and allow our team to better support your child.
  • We ask that only one parent be present in the treatment room at a time and that you leave your child’s siblings properly supervised in our reception area or at home, if possible. Our treatment rooms do not fit many people comfortably and the more people present in the room, the more distracted your child will be. In order to ensure success of treatment, we try to minimize the amount of distractions that your child may encounter.

These are very important ways that you can actively help in the success of your child’s visit.

The First Visit to Our Kid's Dentist

Free Dental Exam Before Their 1st Birthday

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend that a visit to the dentist should be scheduled by the child’s first birthday. This will give the pediatric dentist an opportunity to detect any problems and treat early, as necessary, and hopefully give advice to prevent future problems. Our pediatric dentists agree with these guidelines so much so that if you bring your child in before their first birthday they get a free dental exam! It is very important that the first visit be easy so that your child can gradually build up his confidence in coming to our office. It is at this visit that we begin to establish a rapport with your child. It is of equal importance, however, that we do accomplish something. We will examine your child’s teeth and gums to detect decay or any other problems in the mouth. This is also the time when your child’s bite, proper alignment of jaws, and spacing for permanent teeth will be evaluated. Only after a complete examination are we in a position to form a comprehensive treatment plan for your child.

The Second Visit to Our Kid's Dentist

As on the first visit, the second visit to on of our kid's dentists in our St. Johns or Orange Park office is also relatively quick and easy. This is important in building your child’s confidence. At this visit, we will discuss proper nutrition, fluoride supplementation, and oral hygiene techniques with both you and your child. Your child will also receive his/her cleaning, fluoride treatment, and X-rays, if indicated, at this visit.

For children who are not fearful, we will usually combine the first two dentist visits (examination, cleaning, fluoride treatment, necessary X-rays, and oral hygiene instructions) at the initial visit.

The tentative treatment plan will be presented to the parent at this second visit. This allows time for a thorough evaluation of X-rays and examination data. Exceptions to this may be extremely simple treatment plans, in which case they may be discussed at the first visit.

Primary Teeth are Important

Many times children who visit the dentist for the first time have decayed primary teeth (commonly called baby teeth). We treat decayed teeth with fillings for smaller cavities or caps for larger cavities that will not hold fillings. If the decay is deep and goes into the nerve of the tooth, we still can often save the tooth with a nerve treatment (pulpotomy).

We never want to extract a primary tooth unless it is absolutely necessary. Extraction will cause loss of chewing ability and can often make braces a necessity later in life. Many primary teeth normally remain in the child’s mouth until he/she is 12 or 13 years of age, and this is what we want to happen.

Bring your smile, but also remember to bring these things with you to your child's first appointment:

  • Your completed health history forms if you have not already submitted them online.
  • Your insurance card

Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining your healthy smile!

The American Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist every six months for regular checkups and routine teeth cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

We understand that your family has a busy schedule, so when you're preparing for a dental visit, please remember that an appointment can last 30-40 minutes.

When it's time for your next dental appointment, please call our office in St. Johns or Orange Park at (904) 264-KIDS (5437), and our friendly office staff will be ready to help you schedule an appointment with a kid's dentist. You can also submit an appointment request online.

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