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Why Do You Need Braces? How Do Braces Work?

Facts About Braces From Our Kids Orthodontist

When your child needs braces in Jacksonville, FL, at Weaver & Stratton we provide the highest level of orthondic care. You and your child may have many questions that arise before they get braces. We strive to answer all of your question about braces, so you and your child have the best experience.

If your child needs braces in Jacksonville, FL, our kid's orthodontist specializes in children's braces. Our orthdontist works just with children to make them feel comfortable when they get braces and during treatment. We have 2 office locations for braces in Jacksonville including Orange Park and Julington Creek.

Why Do You Need Braces?

For most people, a beautiful smile with straight teeth is the most obvious benefit of braces. After your braces come off, you'll also feel more self-confident. Braces can also help with problems with your teeth like over crowding, which can cause problems later on.


How Do Braces Work?

braces Jacksonville FL

Orthodontic appliances can be made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. They may be removable or they may be brackets bonded to the teeth. By placing a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction, braces slowly move teeth to a corrected position. This is a great time to wear braces because you can choose colors or have clear. Gone are the days when a metal band with a bracket was placed around each tooth. You can choose brackets that are clear or metallic color. You can choose the color of the ties that hold the wire in brackets. Wires are also less noticeable than they used to be in braces the latest materials move teeth faster with less discomfort to patients.

Duration of Braces and Orthodontic Treatment

The two-phase treatment for childrens braces typically ranges from one to three years, depending on the growth of the patient's mouth and face and the severity of the problem. Patients grow at different rates and will respond variously to orthodontic treatment, so the time to case completion may differ from the original estimate. The patient's diligent use of any prescribed rubber bands or headgear is an important factor in achieving the most efficient treatment with braces. Interceptive, or early treatment procedures, may take as few as six months.


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