Pediatric Dental Care St Johns County

Dental Checkup Before the Holidays

With school projects and the holidays coming up, we understand that the end of the year can be incredibly overwhelming for parents. With so much to do in a short amount of time, it is helpful to prioritize what needs to get done first. During this hectic time, you should make time to take your children to the dentist. Discover why you should take your child to the dentist before the holidays below.

Major Issues

A pediatric dentist will examine your child’s mouth looking for anything that doesn’t look normal, whether it is cavities or something gum related. You do not want your little one to be in pain every time they try to eat, especially during the holidays.

Six-Month Checkup

We recommend you bring your little one in every six months for a dental checkup just like adults have to do. If one of the six-month checkups falls during the holidays, you should not put it off until next year.

It is vital that you make time to bring your children to the dentist even if it is a busy time of the year. We offer convenient appointment times, so you can choose a time that works for your family. Contact us for pediatric dental care in St. Johns County by calling (904) 264-KIDS today.