little boy at the dentist

Ease Your Child’s Anxiety About Pediatric Dental Care in St. Johns County

Some children have concerns about going to the dentist and will feel high levels of anxiety at the thought. It’s not uncommon, but luckily there are several ways in which a pediatric dentist can help ease your child’s mind about treatment. Our staff at Weaver & Stratton Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics will discuss these techniques here.

One of the keys to assuaging your child’s fears about pediatric dental care in St. Johns County is explaining the process. The fear of the unknown can be potent, but when a young patient is told what will happen and has the chance to ask all of their questions about treatment, the stress is eased.

Pediatric dental care is generally delivered in a kid-friendly clinic focused on putting patients at ease and making them feel welcome and relaxed during every visit.

Dentists who deliver pediatric care use special approaches to providing local analgesia and dental sedation to patients. They can also offer treatment under general anesthesia if required.

Ensuring that your child is comfortable with dental visits is the primary key to securing a lifetime of oral health and wellbeing for them.