small child at the dentist

Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Appointment

When you have decided on a pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL, for your child, call them to schedule a visit.  You can inquire if it is possible for you and your child to come to their dental office for a tour and to meet the dentist before the actual day of their checkup. If your child has any special needs, discuss these with the staff member who schedules your appointment.

Preparation Tips

In general, young children typically do their best in the morning when they are bright and full of energy. Try to avoid scheduling pediatric dentist appointments late in the day or close to nap times when kids can be groggy or cranky.

Mental Preparation

Children absorb and learn best when they are having fun. You can practice giving their favorite stuffed animal a checkup with a toy mirror.

Put Them At Ease

When discussing upcoming pediatric dentist trips, assure your child that there are no shots at this visit and that the dentist will simply examine and brush their teeth and talk to them about how to keep their teeth healthy.

Anticipating Follow Up Visits

Once the first pediatric dentist visit is over, it’s time to prepare your child for their second visit. Remind them of the positive things that happened, such as:

  • There Were No Shots
  • The Toothbrush Tickled
  • Nothing Hurt
  • The Dentist Counted All of Their Teeth