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Dental Services We Offer

When you are searching for a St. Johns County pediatric dentist for your child, turn to Weaver & Stratton Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. Check out some of the services we provide below, so your child can enjoy having a healthy mouth.St Johns County Pediatric Dentist

Comprehensive Exams

You should bring your child in every six months for a checkup because our dental team can spot minor dental issues before it becomes something serious. Plus, your child will receive a dental cleaning every time they visit, so their mouth will feel fresh and clean.

Dental Fillings

To prevent tooth decay from spreading, it is imperative that your child has fillings even if the cavities are not in their permanent teeth.


If your child is ready for braces, you do not have to find another place to take your child because we have orthodontists at our office who can help straighten your little one’s teeth. Not only is this convenient for you, but your child will feel comfortable coming in for a visit because they have been to our office before.

Review our other dental services by browsing our website. To schedule an appointment for your child, please call our office at (904) 264-KIDS right now. We have two separate locations to make it easier for you to visit our staff. We are located in Orange Park and Julington Creek.

Can Children Get Gingivitis?

St Johns County Pediatric DentistThe short answer is YES children can develop gingivitis. When a child or an adult does not have a proper dental routine, it can lead to gum disease. Lack of brushing and flossing causes plaque to build up in the mouth, which causes decay. Luckily, gum disease is preventable by brushing and flossing every day, so we encourage you and your children to maintain your daily dental routine.

For a more thorough description of what gum disease looks like for children and to learn about the treatments, keep reading below.

Signs Your Child has Gum Disease

The symptoms are very similar to the ones adults get which includes sensitive gums, bad breath, and often bloody gums. It could be more severe if the gums are starting to recede or ulcers are present in the mouth.


We recommend scheduling a dental appointment with our St. Johns County pediatric dentist as soon as possible if you suspect your child has gingivitis, so we can develop a treatment plan for your little one. Our team will provide you with in-depth details if your child has developed gingivitis.

Schedule an appointment immediately with a St. Johns County pediatric dentist by calling (904) 264-KIDS today.

Dental Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day

Whether your child receives chocolate and other sweets from their school valentine or you, it is vital to remind your child to brush their teeth often, especially if they are eating an abundance of sweets from Valentine’s Day. Discover some dental tips for your child to help their teeth remain healthy during this holiday.St Johns County Pediatric Dentist

Eat Sweets in Moderation- We understand it can be difficult for children to resist the sweet chocolaty treats, which is why many children want to devour all of the sweets they received right away. Excess amounts of anything, whether it is food or beverages, can be harmful to your teeth. We suggest monitoring the number of sweets your child is eating, so you can help them eat the candy in moderation.

Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss- Your child should always brush their teeth at least twice a day every single day to help reduce tooth decay and cavities. Flossing will help reach the places where the bristles on the toothbrush cannot reach.

As a St. Johns County pediatric dentist, we want your child’s teeth to be as healthy as possible. To schedule an appointment with us or to inquire about more dental tips, you can call our dental office at (904) 264-KIDS right now.

Halloween Candy to Watch Out for This Year

St Johns County Pediatric DentistThe season of haunted houses, ghosts, and pumpkins is upon us. It is time to help your child prepare for a night of trick-or-treating. Are you worried about how much candy your kids will be eating this Halloween? It is important to monitor how much candy your child is eating, but you should also be on the lookout for certain types of candy too. Discover the worst types of candy for your child’s teeth below.

Chewy Candy- Often chewy candy is sticky, which means it is sticking to your child’s teeth. If your child doesn’t brush their teeth right away, the candy can wear down the enamel.

Caramels- Caramels are particularly bad if your child has braces because this candy can get stuck in the brackets. There is a lot of sugar in caramel which makes it one of the worst ones for teeth.

Lollipops- Hard candies such as suckers and lollipops can chip your child’s teeth. Also, small pieces of a lollipop can get stuck to your child’s teeth.

Let your child have fun collecting candy in their favorite costume, but keep a close eye on the type of candy your child is eating. Remind your kids to brush their teeth after eating candy. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our St. Johns County pediatric dentist, give us a call at (904) 264-KIDS today.

3 Tips to Avoiding Cavities

St. Johns County Pediatric DentistAre you wondering what else your child could be doing to prevent cavities? Sometimes brushing teeth twice a day is not enough. There are other ways you can help your child reduce their chance of developing cavities. Keep your child’s smile big and bright by following the tips listed below.

Avoid Sugary Snacks- When your child’s sugar intake is high, they have a higher risk of developing cavities. Your child doesn’t have to cut out sugar completely, just swapping a sugary snack for a healthy one can lower their chance of developing a cavity.

Drink Water- Instead of drinking sodas or juices filled with sugar; we recommend drinking more water throughout the day. Water will also help keep your child’s mouth clean.

Routine Checkups- By scheduling checkups with your child’s dentist on a regular basis, cavities can be caught sooner before your child even feels them. If a cavity is not discovered early, they can be painful.

When your child cuts back on their sugar intake and drinks more water, they are more likely to avoid cavities altogether. Don’t forget to schedule a routine checkup at one of our locations. For a St. Johns County pediatric dentist appointment, call us at (904) 264-KIDS today.