Back to School Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Pediatric Dentist Jacksonville FLThe month of August has arrived, which means the kids are going back to school. As a parent, you are thrilled to have your little one moving up another grade and getting back to a daily routine you can easily follow. With all this excitement, you should not let your little one stop taking care of their smile. Check out some helpful ideas for keeping your child’s mouth healthy below.

Brush Teeth Morning & Evening

Before rushing off to school, make sure your child brushes their teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes. This will start their morning off with a fresh, clean smile to greet their friends. They should also be brushing for another two minutes before bedtime.

Healthy Snacks & Lunches

If you are packing your child’s lunch, then you should fill it with healthy snacks that are good for their teeth. Many sugary snacks can stick to your child’s teeth, which leads to cavities and those are never fun. When your child gets home, you should have additional healthy snacks for them to choose from, so they cannot make a bad choice.

No Chewing on Pencils

While focusing on school projects or class lessons, it is common for children to chew on pencils, but this can be harmful to their teeth. Chewing on objects can cause teeth to chip or other types of tooth damage.

For more back to school tips for your children’s teeth, call a pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL, at (904) 264-KIDS right now.