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3 Reasons Kids Need Braces

Orthodontist JacksonvilleWhen you are a parent, you are continually thinking about your children and their well-being. A significant part of their health includes caring for their teeth by visiting the dentist regularly. At Weaver & Stratton Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we created a list of reasons why kids need braces at a young age.

Straighten Teeth- Typically when you think about the purpose of braces, it is to straighten teeth. Braces can address the issue of overlapping and overcrowding in your child’s mouth.

Correct Bite- Whether your child has an over or under bite, braces can help correct your child’s bite by realigning the teeth.

Confidence- Give your child all the self-confidence he or she will need by giving them the gift of braces. Once the braces come off and they see their new, beautiful smile, they will feel good about smiling for photos.

Our team will take the time to create a detailed plan for your child, so we can address any issues with their teeth or bite. Every person’s mouth is different which is why people wear braces for different amounts of time. To schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in Jacksonville, you can call (904) 264-KIDS right now.

3 Things to Know Before Your Child gets Braces

Orthodontist JacksonvilleWe understand many questions surround braces. How much? How long does my child have to wear them? When should they get braces? Can my child still brush their teeth like normal? As a pediatric orthodontist in Jacksonville, we can answer all of these questions and more. Below are just three things you need to know before your child gets braces.

Payment Plans- There are payment plans available, so you don’t have to worry about paying the lump sum upfront or at once. We understand this can still be overwhelming, but we can work we you so your child can have the smile of their dreams.

Age- Most people assume children are the only ones to get braces, but even adults get them too. Around the age of seven is typically when a child has their first orthodontic evaluation. It is common for middle schoolers and high schoolers to have braces as well.

Length- The time frame varies for every individual, but the average duration is 24 months. Depending on the treatment, the period can be anywhere from 6 months to 30 months.

If you are thinking about getting braces for your child or teen, schedule an appointment with our orthodontist in Jacksonville by calling (904) 264-KIDS.